Humanlit survey’s results

It’s my pleasure to present to you the results of the Humanlit’s survey, which has been conducted in 2013, between June, 3rd and October, 30th. These results kept you waiting but here they are.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank Coline Blot for making this publication possible!  The results are available in a document under CC license, which brings this survey closer to the public domain.

The report with the main results tables can be downloaded in pdf format. We have conducted a French and an English version.

You can download these results under CC0 licence, Excel or csv format. I can provide other formats from limesurvey, if necessary.

As for the impatient ones, the main results are available in the form of an infography (for a better resolution, go on Piktochart.)

 Presenta board report Copy (5)

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